AS – 36 Accounting for Girl frenz

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Disclaimure:: This AS is not announced by the ICAI.

AS 36: Accounting for Girl Friends*

*Objective:* The objective of AS 36 is to prescribe the accounting treatment for Girl friends. The principal issues are the timing of recognition of a female friend as a girl friend, the no. of days the relationship can be carried on and any write down in this romantic relationship. It also provides guidance on the methods to be employed to make GF.

*Scope:* This AS applies to all GF’s except those whose father, brother, ex-boyfriends or prospective boyfriends are working in police, army, intelligence agencies or political organizations or 6+ feet tall, have muscular body and know kung fu, judo or any other martial art.

 *Definitions: * The following terms are used in this Standard with the meanings specified: LOVE is a serious mental disease, mostly found in old Indian movies, dramas and Urdu literature. FLIRTING is the modern form of love; this disease came from Hollywood movies, new Indian movies, internet, mobile phones, and contemporary literature. MARRIAGE is a long term liability as a result of PAST events that is expected to be settled by increasing the population, decreasing the health and money.

GIRL FRIEND is a current asset as a result of past efforts that is probable to generate future dates, intangible pleasures and gifts. If not properly handled may become long-term liability i.e. wife. BOYFRIEND-SPECIFIC VALUE is the present value of the future dates that a boyfriend expects to realize from continuing use of the GF over its useful life and from its disposal to his another friend at the end of the flirting term FLIRTING TERM is the higher of the following: -from your first conversation till the time the GF father catches you -from the time of your first date till your GF get married with another person ,in which case she will become your ex-GF. -from the time of your first date till you get married with your GF, afterward it will become a suffering term.

*RECOGNITION* A girl shall be recognized as a girl friend if, and only if: (a) it is probable that future physical benefits associated with the girlfriend will flow to the boyfriend, (b) no possibility of GF becoming a long term liability (wife) exists and (c) the expenditures to be incurred ( e.g. in respect of gifts, cards etc ) can be measured reliably Female Cousins, younger sisters, and other female friends associated with the girlfriend should not be recognized. However, beautiful and bold ones should be declared in the flirting statement if and only if it is probable that they are expected to result in prospective girlfriends.

*MEASUREMENT OF USEFUL LIFE OF GF* All the following factors shall be considered in determining the useful life of a GF:

(a) Expected “usage” of the girlfriend.

(b) Expected “physical” wear and tear, which depends on “operational” factors such as the number of “shifts” the GF is to be used.

(c) Technical or commercial obsolescence arising from changes in fashion or “service output” of the GF.

(d) “Legal” or similar limits on the “use” of the GF.

*DERECOGNITION* The Girl Friend shall be derecognized: 1. at the end of the useful life of GF or flirting term whichever is earlier, 2. when no future benefits are expected from her or her disposal or 3. when remote possibility of GF becoming long term liability occurs.

*DISCLOSURE* The flirting statement shall disclose, for each “class” of GF:

A) Total no. of GFs with: ‧ age of GF ‧ complexion, face cut ‧ the useful life of each GF ‧ email address, residential address and mobile no. of each GF ‧ any “special” benefits that may have been derived from the GF

B) A reliable estimate of the boy friend regarding no. of expected GFs for each class of GF.

C) A reliable estimate of the expenditures to be incurred ( e.g. in respect of gifts, cards etc) for each class of GF.

D) BOYFRIEND-SPECIFIC VALUE with respect to each class of GF.



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The day was quite boring, when rain gods suddenly showed mercy on us in this dawn of summer. After a brief spell, left the weather seemingly off heat. Heat waves reduced in air. The atmosphere was chilled with cold breeze, that was the time, when i suddenly felt like watching a movie for otherwise.  The one appearing in my mind was Delhi 6 since i’ve got personal attachment over the place – obviously chandini chowk to Sitaram Bazaar to Turkman gate, not once or twice or thrice, many a times roamed in that place. The movie started, as the story line came down from America to NewDelhi, now the interest towards that movie slowly gripped into me. Wat ever one can say about high rise buildings and world class atmosphere and malls, theatres, all sort of modern world, the Delhi 6 has its own charm dating back to many decades. The short galli’s and Tricycle – i mean pedalled rickshaw, the rickshaw wala’s usual way of riding and taking passengers from Sitaram Bazaar to Chandini chowk and Redfort for quite cheap rate of Rs.10, and for many visitors it is quite unusual way to have driven through old Delhi. By the time the Public transport reaches the same place through different route, the rick wala’s would have completed few full trips. The Famous quote i need to bring in to the records, “When in Rome, Do as Romans do” same thing one need to apply, Most of the ppl whether hi-fi or down trodden use the same rickshaws to travel since it gives insight view from the outset just by travelling, and no one feels third rated or otherwise due to travelling in the same. I travelled more than few times and every time when i visited i use to visit chandini chowk via Sitaram bazaar thru rick, asking my car driver which would obviously be clients, to park near Turkman gate outside. The walk, over few metres will smell you that you are in such a congested place and the funniest thing is you will be whisked away in that crowd automatically. The flavour of samose and jilebi’s will hit you immediately when you just turn right frm T.Man gate. The oldies refer to Dhukanwala sittin in a place which exactly fits only one to sit and another to stand, well orchested with all the items which are sold. The Kabuthar khana, where ppl so happily feed pigeons with nuts and chawals, will display the mindset of people how humanly they are. When Masakalli song started literally i was bowled over by the place and picturisation of the song, which kindled the memories which i stored deep in my heart for that place. When some place you frequent many a times, a fondness created or attached towards that place and quite honestly you feel like its like our place and rather more freedom you tend to enjoy in such places than in home town or so. Atleast i feel so. The chota galli’s, busy chat bandar and jamun sweet al those still vibrant n my heart. The attachment is not created just like tat, over the period when u cherish that place and find something which is really motivating you to talk about that, feel about that, lose yourself over that.

The long road of Chandini Chowk, which still resembles the “old” and the awesome character of the road, it starts with Shiva temple, followed by a Jain temple and in centre it does have a Gurudwara.  Haldirams sweets, and of course TamilNadu Mercantile bank which i quitely remember as landmark for a pani poori shops. In this seemingly fast and modern world, few places still cherish the olden beauty al though it may not look like free and spacious, ppl hv developed a rather pleasing nature to stay or live with the same old fashion though their likes to live spaciously and in more structured manner is irrestible.

Lots to learn though, but i jus want to share what was it when i watched Delhi 6 for me. I’m though least bothered about the storyline, or cast . But moved by the place and picturisation. It kindled my memories which i’ve locked for almost 4 years. I don knw when something will hit you like this to rekindle your memories and it wont be time bound or otherwise. It might happen or may not. I wish i could go back to Delhi once again travel in those rickshaw’s thru chota galli’s, have as usual bikarnerwala chat and get some stuff at bargained price from the market. The 3 to 4 Km road of chandini chowk will never let your leg pain, instead will fill your heart with joy and happiness if one is fond of carrying the memories. I’m lucky to enough to be attached to such a thing and lightens my heart when such thing kindles.

cool life

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So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of each man’s genius contracts itself to a very few hours. Some desire is necessary to keep life in motion. Yes the desire is still burning, but i found a quality time to take off from my so called routine work. Yes days of daily work, puncutated time, and appointments, deals are all part. But i literally wanted to get lost somewhere from my routines. And Tulika’s.. (BBk i fondly call her), marriage reception was on cards. God she wont leave me alive if i don attend. But even i too was so interested to attend her marriage than any other work. It was nice time that had fallen, was not available for whole of the week and escape… The day of her reception i reached Hyderabad, the place where her reception was to be held.  The evening was so nice though i was alone, it was good company given by her dad, asking me to sit next to him and having a chota sa chat. All my desire to spend a quality time never went in vain. Good family of her’s. I rate it as THE best personal event i participated. After that a whole week of fun filled entertainment along with my brother, nice part of my life. It was after long time we did managed to spend time together and for a long time too. Yes it was really refreshing for both. Certain things did change for me post that personal refreshment. Some wat i was feeling nexus in my work. But success is slowly turning on my side, i’m neither upset with it for unfair treatment meted towards me nor angry for not even giving a chance to change or improve. Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. I’m a ardent believer of this. This is complete changeover for me. My greatest wish or aim is to bring all my close pals once to my home and i believe home in the sense, i shall build it or buy it. And a massive get to gether with all my pals, whom i never ever invited until today. The reason ofcourse known to al. Since on that hope,  life has become a happy endeavour for me, Search for good things always makes you feel happy. The cool life as slowly deep’d in my heart and blowing. I felt life has blown out of proportion when it was otherwise for me. Now no more thoughts of d same. The earlier blog of “Where I’m” stands nullified nw. I feel like i’ve crossed certain barriers to ascertain techniques of life, and its nook and corner. you may call it as enlightment or any name as u like. But Constant prayers do have answers. You are governed by your thoughts and ideas. Yes thoughts on God always keeps one protected. The year which started with visit to Thiruvikraman temple and Pandhava thoothar temple in Kanchi, was jus a begining.  Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. The Transition time and i realised the life pretty well. The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible. The Motivation factor, though i was constantly supported and motivated by people surround me but though people who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. I don want to suppress my other talents cos of lack of self motivation.  I remember the French qoute saying, There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.  I wish i shall have a pillow as soft as ever. I know what i was and i was the one who was following “we are always getting ready to live but never living”. Now readiness has converted to present and i’m living.  The Enthusiasim part missing most part of my last five years got back.  Enthusiasm, if fueled by inspiration and perseverance, travels with passion and its destination is excellence. My life is a fairly tale written by God’s little fingers. Be yourself. The world worships the original. Chase your passion, not your pension. The truth shall make you free.

Where we are now?

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Its high time tat, we Indians realise what is happening in our country and where we are heading? The latest terror results show our so called elected representatives who self proclaimed that they are the guardians of our Indian state are more concerned about their luxury, holidays and media attention. And our media being well paid by these politicians image them daily as if something gud they are doin to the nation.


The Case of Major Unnikrishnan who sacrificed his life in combating Terror..

It is completely the father’s choice who he wants to meet on such a sad occasion. What business did the local police have to send sniffer dogs in the house, before letting the CM come in? Did they fear that the father is a terrorist and will blow himself up along with the CM?


Which world are people living in? What do people fear?


Common courtesy demanded that if you could not attend the funeral, atleast seek the persons approval before going to his house? An emmisary could have been sent to seek his approval and met up on such a situation.

It was a surprise to me that people cant take a rebuke with responsibility. I saw the interview of the minister who accompanied the CM yesterday. He was smiling away and telling the press that “it was expected out of a father who lost his son to be behaving in this manner.”

If it were so, it was only human to check with the father before hand…


He came to meet Mr. Uniikrishnan not out of respect or concern, but becaue of the criticism of the opposition and to get Political mileage. If you have observed the TV coverage of Mr. Unnilkrishanan, he was composed and conducted vey elegantly even while undergoing such great loss – his only son. But, the dirty poiliticians take advantage even on death is simply disgusting. Also, we should remember one important point that it is the communists, along with Congress who vehemently opposed taking any firm action against terrorism in this country, and now trying to shed tears is just nothing short of a farce.


One has to understand the helplessness and the apathy of the Indian public, such instances only prove what the citizens of this great country hold politicians with abs no respect. The political fraternity has taken us too much for granted, now it must be their turn to take it back from us. I very well understand the state of mind of Mr Unnikrishnan. In fact, at this hour of grave crisis, I along with Indians stand by him and convey my deepest condolences!


The most disgusting thing is when Karnataka CM went immediately for the funeral of Sandeep Unnikrishnan, his counterpart in Kerala (Gods own country as they proclaim) was sleeping and relaxing. His blood should have been boiling when he heard Sandeep sacrified his life for the country.


While UPA government is reluctant to provide a martyrs memorial for soldiers karantaka CM Yediyurappa has sanctioned a state of art Martyr memorial for soldiers two months back. Yeddiyurappa also was present in funeral and state gave all help. See the difference in approach of Yeddyurappa and Achutanandan
Marxists are also opposing Afzal Guru execution. For them Madani is a hero. So a party which is batting for terrorists and a CM who takes happiness in hurting army and Hindus deserves this snub. These CPM observed 24 hour bandh in protest to Sadam hussein’s death in Kerala. And these bunch of jokers from kerala will make whole Kerala for stand even if a crow is died in Cuba, why they forgot to even send a state condolence to the Family of Major Sandeep unnikrishnan, all these so called red party should hang themself. Shame on the whole Kerala. Pity.


Literally it makes me much angry than ever. I request the Government to provide Z plus security to each and every citizen of India and pl go to the hell if u cant live without Z plus security. As such we don need ppl like you to lead the country who cannot provide security to ppl needs themselves security.


Coming back to Mumbai, it has taken its first political toll. Deputy CM resigned. Such was a person in dignified position was once said these small things do happen in bigger cities like Mumbai – Seems as if he was expecting those drastic and barbaric acts. And the Great CM of Maha, who “offer” to resign. Shambles, a CM offering to resign? He should have resigned instead. I still wonder, these people still make people fool and our so called democratic lovers i mean the voters believe this. But i understand his offer to resign afterall his son belongs to tinsel town and offer and acceptance is quite common to both film fraternities and politician. The CM went a step ahead he along with his son who was accompanied by Ram Gopal Verma visited TAJ, comeon a courtesy visit have you made to those who injured or have you thanked those poor NSG fellows? There was a Governor who is there to accept the resignations of those political class. By sending the resignation to CWC (congress working committe) he has just rolled the ball to be hit by someone else. Seems southern waves of sending post-dated resignations or sending to someone else entered this tinsel town.


See we are paying for the price of our mistakes. Who are these Pakistanis and Bangladeshis? They are formed from Indian Muslims and now they are giving back by the name of HuJi, Let and JeM. We spent lot of tax payers money in Kashmir and what happened ? All Kashmiri Pandits are thrown out and poor Pandits, they don have Lallu’s, Paswan’s or Mayawati’s or Mulayam and Amar singh. These are the people who are secularists according to themselves and Media. After this Mumbai incident where lot of high profiled people and foreigners died, these Pseudo Secularists went on hiding in their vote banks.


Coming to the role of Media, how many people know there was firing in Mumbai CST and 55 people died there. These media goons were covering only TAJ and Oberoi since it was high profiled places and laughable thing is SimiGravel, Shoba De, Kavitha Khanna were asked to discuss about these issues. Do they know anything apart from costumes and designing?


Niranjan Hiranandini of Hiranandini builders said, enough is enough if terror has reached best 5 star hotels then who is safe in this city. What he means to say then Is it okie if it was only the common man travelling in train and bus or locals and taxi walas being killed? Now the Terror has opened the eyes of many now in BAD WAY.

God Saves India..


I can only ask the almighty Where we are now? since he is the only person who knows the answer and cant give it.


Vande Mataram.





My Heart bleeding

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I couldn’t stop shouting or screaming or burning at my heart when i see blood bath happening daily in my country, daily bombs and killing of innocent ppl. Why no one coming out and sayin we will not support these type of activities or rather have we become tat incapable and addicted to don care until it comes to us. Wy dis lacklusture attitude towards our fellow citizens. We cry foul everytime when there is a bomb blast or terror attack. We even knw who were behind the attacks and try to say different names in media and divert sayin this time a new organisation has formed to attack. It simply shows the people against our people are growing day by day and that too not individually but organisation. Is this to show that our country growing or growing enemies.  Religious fanatics has taken a long step nd even succeding. The same which happened internally was Law college fight, where the police saw them hopelessly. It goes to convey that the tolerance level of Hindus goes on increase? No.. As long as the pressure is built inside one day it will erupt as volcano and no Vote bank politician or appeasing government can stop that.  I quote John howards statement on Muslims wanting rights and their own laws in Australia, This nation is built up by Australian Christians, all are welcome to stay here succeed in their life and don try to sabotage the Australian law by bringing up your own rights and laws. He was so clear about Human rights and personal independence. He gave a strong worded statement saying his country is a place where anyone and everyone can make their livelihood but not at the cost of Australian Law and supremacy since it would demean the sacrifices made by Australians earlier. Infact i like the statement made by him nd was impressed too. Such a courage needed by fellow citizens to counter attack this uncivilised and barbaric act. I just don want to be another citizen who just saw the act and criticises and go off to work assuming it wil never happen. But nothing more i can do either. We all should unite and support the government (surely not the present one) and make them more combatible to counter the terrorist act. Is this the world we are admiring to live? Why the hell such things happen again and again, If Pseudosecular parties say all are indians, how come “such” fellow indians involve in act like this which destroys the very base of tolerance of Hindus. Only Hindus and few other section of ppl feel this is our country and especially the religion followed by terrorists feel they are not Indians. The Fear started to grip heavily in my mind when is next target and will it be the place where we live?

As long as petty politics followed and biased against particular religion will surely make way for such act and we need to suffer in such acts. I still wonder, wil it be long time to hear any near or dear ones lost their life in terrorist act.

And see how we ppl are so reckless and seems not going to care about these acts. It has become routine and even order of everyday. WE need to wonder if such act doesn’t take place on any day. It has gone that much into our blood that we hav crossed such level.

My basic question arises at this time ? Where are the Human rights organisation who were supporting the criminals treated unfairly and terrorist not given proper treatment, murderer was not supplemented with food etc etc. Why no organisations like the one called NHRC hasn’t come forward to lend their voices against those who died in Terrorists activities?

Why no PIL’s filed against government for not tackling terrorism. Why special status given to Jammu and Kashmir and no other state people allowed to buy properties in J&K when it is part of our Nation.? are we heading for more historic position of time worst than recession? How come i can watch these activities showed on TV and have peaceful sleep?

I don like to mince words, let it be clear my heart is bleeding and my salutes to those who laid their life in saving thier country and country men. Has democracy become weak? If so pl give the country to Army who at best and most of the time can protect our countrymen.

There is no uniformity in everystep taken by us till date post freedom. Common civil code not implemented. Each section has to be tried by their own law and acts and  only for Hindus it was common civil code. 

Actually yesterday i was very happy at the rains lashing in chennai and was about to blog  those beautiful memories of childhood playing in rain, gettin cold, sneezing and running nose scoldings from mom and ofcourse Kashayam where we drunk with nose eyes closed due to its bitter taste. But all of a sudden complete scenario changed and my hands went off immediately as i could not shout or scream cos i knw it is useless since no is there to listen and rectify.  I’m ready to what ever i can to support the cause of Peace.

Lot of questions started crippling in my mind. Will there be backlash and a Gujarat like situation will occur? and only after that people will come to normal and realise their stature?

If that is to happen, i don’ve answers for that, but all is well if ends well. I need my country to be saved and what ever happens for that i gonna simply watch as an ordinary citizen and let it happen.

Protected: Where i’m

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Memories still alive – Remembering Payyu

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Memories still alive – Remembering Payyu

A Year Passed by, but memories still alive

The Physical loss always there,

The legacy left still we carry

Never it can be shared, only be enjoyed

The casual smile, throwing up arm

The fingers never pointed but guided us

Was not only a way, but stood as light

A year passed by but memories still alive

You suffered for three years

We suffer for many years

Who’ll care for us?

When you are not there

How could something significant occur?

You burned once, we burn daily

A year passed by but memories still alive

The shade cast by tress cools heart

Ocean waves relaxes the tension

But your separation tears me apart

We carry the wound of separation

Hope you carry the same

Even in heaven;

A year passed by but memories still alive

Flamboyant at its peak; master of charm

Seemingly took things lightly; even the burns

Yes it was a mistake of yours, to leave us

Behind before we acquired you.

We are half cooked, thou the chef

Where the rest?

A year passed by but memories still alive

Yes a year passed, but who cares

Do days or years really matter?

Even a day with you suffice a century

Traveled in our hearts, now in heaven

We shall be happy, your influence

Change those Heavenly gods